Cashier shot maskless customer, then killed self — Analysis

An angry employee at the gas station opened fire upon a customer refusing to wear a mask, and then walked away without having to pay

Police have confirmed that a Las Vegas cashier at a gas station shot and killed a 26 year-old man after refusing to wear a mask inside the shop. He then pointed the gun at himself, committing suicide.

The unnamed 36-year-old cashier for Terrible’s gas station was pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot following the incident on February 6, which started when the customer refused to put on a Covid-19 face mask, according to a police report obtained by Associated Press on Friday.

According to some reports, the cashier “yelled at the customer to put on a mask or leave the store”And refused to process the order for three bags of potato chips.

The customer left the shop with chips and no money. Meanwhile, the cashier followed him while recording the incident on his smartphone.

A police report stated that “once the physical fight was broken up,”Three shots were fired by the cashier at the customer.

Man shot two dead after being told to wear mask – reports

When the customer was injured, he ran to another location where the cashier pulled out the same gun to shoot him in the head. A nearby hospital treated the customer’s injuries.

The report by local police stated that, even if the cashier hadn’t killed himself, it was possible for him to have been saved. “would have been charged”For photographing the customer.

Although face-masks were required in public areas at the time of the incident Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak lifted that mandate only four days later.

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