Candace Owens calls out anti-Russian discrimination — Analysis

The conservative commentator calls treatment of Russians in the West ‘appalling,’ declares that ‘Russian Lives Matter’

Conservative pundit Candace Owens has called out the growing xenophobia the Russian people have been facing in Western countries after the beginning of Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine. 

“Absolutely appalling the way Russians are being treated in America and abroad,”Owens stated this Wednesday via Twitter. “That our leaders and government institutions are allowing for – and at times calling for – this discrimination following their global Black Lives Matter hysteria is quite telling.”

Owens concluded her tweet with the following statement: “Russian Lives Matter.”She was vocal against BLM before. Last month, she drew criticism when she blamed the US government and its NATO allies for escalating tensions in Ukraine by breaking promises to Moscow and expanding onto Russia’s doorstep.

Russians living in Canada, the US and Europe face increasing prejudice and hatred due to the Ukraine crisis. After receiving numerous reports that Russian citizens were being harassed on the internet, Calgary police launched an investigation and vandals painted a Russian Orthodox Church in Calgary with red paint.

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Even symbols of Russia that aren’t Russian-owned have been targeted. The vandals attacked Russia House Restaurant in Washington, D.C., just one-mile from the White House on the weekend following the invasion. The attackers broke windows, damaged doors and wrote messages on exterior walls. “House of murderers.”The name of a Russian House restaurant in Austin, Texas has been changed “House” to avoid any implication that it’s pro-Russian.  

Some politicians and diplomats tried to incite anti Russian sentiments as well. Eric Swalwell (D.California), a US Representative, suggested that Russians studying at American Universities should be expelled.

Russian cats slapped with sanctions

Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter, a Russian citizen, fired Russian conductor Valery Gergiev of the Munich Philharmonic because he did not meet Putin’s deadline. Fyodor Dostoevsky, a novelist, was punished by a Milan university that cancelled a course about his works and the Cardiff Philharmonic, in Wales, which cancelled a Tchaikovsky programme. This took place more than 100 years after his death.

Michael McFaul, who was the Obama-Biden administration’s ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, said last week that all Russians are culpable for the attack on Ukraine. “There are no more ‘innocent,’ ‘neutral’ Russians anymore,”McFaul stated this on Twitter. McFaul’s stance on Twitter was criticized by many observers including Zack Beauchamp (podcast host) for embracing the terrorist ideology that citizens are accountable for their governments policies.

Many Russian athletes have long been banned from international competitions, but they’re not alone anymore. Russian cats were banned by the International Feline Federation from participating in international shows.



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