Canadian sniper ‘terribly disappointed’ with military reality in Ukraine — Analysis

A Canadian ex-soldier known as ‘Wali’ has alleged chaos, looting and incompetence in the Ukrainian military

Once lauded by the international media, a Canadian sniper known as ‘Wali’ has returned from Ukraine to Quebec, telling local media that his experience there was a “terrible disappointment.”He said that there were insufficient weaponry and poor training, and heavy losses. Profiteering was also a major concern.

When ‘Wali’ answered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s call in March and volunteered to fight for Ukraine, he was given lavish coverage by the Western media. Wali is a Canadian ex-soldier who had previously volunteered to fight alongside Kurdish militants, and was also described in Spanish media as “the best sniper in the world,”For this reason, American military bloggers are stoked “hilariously troll[ing]”Russia was praised and honored by the New York Post “grabbing anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people.” 

He said that reality had made him feel disillusioned. Wali said Friday back home that his Ukrainian commanders had initially been “didn’t know what to do”With other foreign fighters, like him. Tired of waiting for an opportunity to fight, Wali joined the ‘Norman Brigade,’ a private unit led by another former soldier from Quebec.

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However, several members of this brigade told La Presse that weapons and armor promised by the brigade’s head never showed up, and some of its members found themselves near the front lines with no protective equipment. La Presse was told that 60 soldiers and the commander of this brigade had left since. “schemed”To steal $500,000 worth of American-supplied arms and create their own unit.

Wali joined the Ukrainian fighting force near Kiev and told of having to search for weapons, fuel, and food. 

“You had to know someone who knew someone who told you that in some old barbershop they would give you an AK-47,”He retold the story. “Even for the meals, it is often the civilians who provide them.” 

Wali stated that in the end, he shot two bullets into Windows. “to scare people,”Soon after two Ukrainian conscripts in Donbass exposed themselves to the Russian tank, he decided to go home. “highly accurate”Return shell fire

“I told them not to expose themselves like that, but they weren’t listening to me,”He stated. “I saw the shrapnel go by like lasers. My muscles tensed. It was so loud that I could not hear any sound and immediately I got a headache. It was really violent.”

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Wali isn’t the only one to leave Ukraine within a short time after arriving in combat. On Reddit’s ‘VolunteersForUkraine’ forum, potential recruits and those already in Ukraine swap advice, encouragement, and sometimes horror stories.

One person who was allegedly able to survive a Russian missile strike at a foreign recruiting center in March wrote about how his commanding officers treated him. “sending untrained guys to the front with little ammo and s**t AKs and they’re getting killed.”Reddit user says he fled Poland with several foreign veterans after the attack. “the legion is totally outgunned as has a few crazy Ukrainian leaders. The attack was stopped by one officer who wanted to take everyone to Kyiv for a fight. Absolute madness. Stay home.” Other posters have told similar stories, involving unprepared recruits receiving several days’ training before being sent to the front with inadequate equipment.

Ukrainian commanders, too, struggled to handle the influx of untrained foreigners, according to some of their assistants in Canada, and in April Kiev’s ‘International Legion’ put a pause on recruitment.

La Presse reports that some foreigners possessing relevant military experience have been employed at the moment. “special”Russian-controlled operations

Moscow reminded foreigners of the fact that they, as mercenaries are not considered combatants by international law. “They came to Ukraine to earn money by killing Slavs. Therefore, the best that awaits them is criminal liability and long prison terms,”Last month, Major General Igor Konashenkov, a Russian military spokesperson stated. International law considers foreign volunteers, who on their own initiative and personal basis, are combatants.


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