California man arrested for threatening dictionary — Analysis

Officials say the man left “hate-filled” threats under Merriam-Webster’s entries for “female” and “girl”

Californian man was charged with making threats of violence against Merriam-Webster in Massachusetts, the publisher and editor of the authoritative dictionary. According to officials, the man fled what was described as “hate-filled” “despicable” messages under the dictionary’s entries for “woman,” “female,” “girl,” which have recently been changed to account for ‘gender identity.’

Jeremy David Hanson (34), was taken into custody in California and charged with interstate communication of violence threats.

According to the complaint against him, Hanson sent various threatening messages last October through the dictionary’s ‘contact us’ form, and in comments sections below several contentious entries.

Merriam-Webster redefining ‘racism’ to fit BLM narrative turns the dictionary into an instrument of Orwellian thought control

“It is absolutely sickening that Merriam-Webster now tells blatant lies and promotes anti-science propaganda. There is no such thing as ‘gender identity’,” he allegedly wrote under Merriam-Webster’s entry for “Female,”Which, since 2020 is not only “the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs,”But also “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.”

In a message to the site’s administrators, Hanson allegedly called for Merriam Webster’s offices to be “shot up and bombed,”Caving dictionary “to the cultural Marxist, anti-science tranny agenda”Take part in “the Left’s efforts to corrupt and degrade the English language and deny reality.”

“Hate-filled threats and intimidations have no place in our society,”Rachael Rolleins, US Attorney “We believe Hanson sent a multitude of anonymous threatening and despicable messages related to the LGBTQ community that were intended to evoke fear and division.” 

Hanson has also been accused of posting similar messages in the entries. “girl” “woman,”Investigators stated that “numerous related threats” were made to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, Land O’ Lakes, Hasbro, IGN Entertainment, several university professors a New York City rabbi.

While the statement did not specify the nature of these threats, all of the above companies and organizations have been noted for taking ‘woke’ positions on social issues in recent years, such as when Land O’Lakes removed a drawing of a Native American woman from its butter packaging in 2020.

On Merriam-Webster’s site, the terms “female” and “girl” have both been changed to incorporate gender identity, or a person’s “internal sense”Being a different gender. “Woman”However, it hasn’t been modified and is now defined as “an adult female person.” Prior to making these changes, Merriam-Webster has been roasted by conservatives for seemingly pushing a ‘woke’ agenda, having added the terms “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” “Mx.”This honorific is used in place of “Mr.”Or “Mrs.”(in 2016).

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