Brits send fur coats they’re too guilty to wear to Afghanistan and Pakistan — Analysis

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), has sent more than 300 fur coats from Afghanistan to Pakistan. They were donated by Brits wishing “to clear their wardrobes and their conscience.”

We can’t bring back the animals who suffered for these coats, but we can use old furs to help people in need,” said PETA Director Elisa Allen, reiterating the non-profit’s call “Don’t use your unwanted fur for vanity, but to give aid to the really needy..”

The delivery of about 100 fur coats to Afghanistan faced obstacles after the country’s takeover by the Taliban, but was cleared thanks to “You need a reliable local contact,” PETA said.

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In partnership with the Life for Relief and Development organization, more than 250 items, including coats, blankets, hats, and gloves, were also supplied to Pakistan to “Make sure to keep those in greatest need warm during winter.

PETA regularly gives unwanted fur items to homeless people and animals as part of what it calls its “Program for fur Amnesty,” and it invites those “who wish to clear their wardrobes – and their conscience” to donate their garments.

American organizations are often defendants in lawsuits. They are well known for their provocative campaigns, statements, and public relations stunts. In the past, it compared animal suffering with Holocaust and called meat-eaters “human supremacists.” 

Now, PETA is campaigning for a ban on the use of Canadian bear fur in the production of traditional Queen’s Guards’ caps in the UK, pointing out that “The Queen even stopped buyingYou can have any fur.



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