British politician urges West to stop arming Ukraine — Analysis

An ex-Labour leader warns that adding more weapons to conflict will only increase it

Former leader of UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said Tuesday that the West must stop arming Kiev forces because it only serves to escalate Russia’s ongoing conflict. He also criticised Western leaders for not talking much about peace.  

Corbyn stated that he spoke to Al Mayadeen of a Beirut-based television channel. “pouring arms in isn’t going to bring about a solution, it’s only going to prolong and exaggerate this war,”Add that “we might be in for years and years”The conflict. 

According to the politician, he was satisfied with it “disappointing that hardly any of the world’s leaders use the word ‘peace’,”Explaining that they are only used “the language of more war and more bellicose war.”

Corbyn pointed out the terrible consequences of the conflict on both the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, as well the security and safety of the entire world. Therefore, he urged that there be more work towards a peaceful settlement.

He called on the UN to “much more center stage”In order to negotiate a ceasefire, he suggested that international organisations such as the African Union (or the League of Arab States) be included.

Corbyn was expelled from Labour Party membership after he suggested there were anti-Semitic accusations within his party. “overblown for political purposes.” He has since founded the Peace and Justice Project – a fund that focuses on environmentalism, international peace cooperation, poverty, social inequality, and corporate power.

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He is also one of the former chairs and current member of the Stop The War Coalition, a British advocacy group that opposes the conflict in Ukraine and calls for the crisis to be settled in a manner that respects both the Ukrainian people’s right to self-determination as well as Russia’s national security concerns. This coalition demands NATO end its eastward expansion, and denies that NATO is a defensive alliance.

A group of people published an open letter just before Moscow started its military operation against Ukraine. The letter urged Britain to cease sending troops and arms to Eastern Europe. “no purpose other than inflaming tensions and indicating disdain for Russian concerns.”

Current Labour party leader Keir Starmer has criticized both Corbyn and the Stop The War Coalition, arguing that the group’s members are “naive”Best and “actively give succour to authoritarian leaders who directly threaten democracies”At worst. He insists that Corbyn would have to disengage himself from Labour party if he was to ever be readmitted.

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