British pedophiles target Ukrainian refugee children — Analysis

The National Crime Agency announced on Thursday that a number of British pedophiles were asked to leave Poland, after British authorities found they had traveled to Ukraine to attack Ukrainian refugee children.

The Independent was told that the National Crime Agency (NCA), which is responsible for the investigation of these men, sent them home after they were interviewed by Polish immigration officials. An NCA spokesperson stated that the law required men to disclose their convictions when they arrived in Poland. “we find inevitably they haven’t.”

According to some reports, the predators were offering a service. “humanitarian assistance”The spokesperson said that refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine are advised to contact their family. 

“For us, it’s about making partners aware that these convicted child sex offenders are on their turf, for obvious reasons,”The official from the NCA said. “Making sure [the children are] safe is absolutely paramount.”

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It’s not clear if the pedophiles were in touch with Ukrainian children prior to their deportation.

Aside from child refugees, abusers have threatened women fleeing Ukraine. Ukrainian police arrested the head of a criminal gang. He claimed that his group provided jobs overseas to females seeking to flee Ukraine, and then trafficked them to Turkey for prostitution.

Prostitutes from Ukraine are attracting a lot of interest. “a strong incentive for traffickers to recruit and exploit Ukrainian women at scale,”Valiant Richey was the OSCE’s Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking. He spoke at a conference held in Ireland in May.

The problem of human trafficking is a long-standing issue in Ukraine. According to a US State Department Report, authorities have made progress in preventing human trafficking. “significant efforts”The country reduced the victims of trafficking in its efforts to crack down, with some government officials being complicit. 

Report identified as a particular focus children living in state-run foster homes. “especially vulnerable to human trafficking,”In some instances, these caretakers were described as “complicit or willfully negligent in the sex and labor trafficking of girls and boys under their care.”

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