British Parliament repairs could run to £14bn – media — Analysis

Repairs to the Palace of Westminster could last for two decades and cost £14 billion, exceeding initial estimates more than three times, the British media has learned.

UK MPs and their peers would be well-served to search for a home that suits them over the long term. What was originally projected as a 6-year renovation of each House of Parliament, could turn out to take up to 20 years. This is according to The Telegraph, which cites an unnamed source in government. The cost has also reportedly ballooned exorbitantly, with the £14 billion ($18.7 billion) price tag being “One estimate has already been mentioned.” Initial projections put the cost at approximately £4 billion.

The unnamed official told The Telegraph that as “The plans must be approved by the MPs. They will also have to prove that they are worthy of their support.” they are likely to be “This suggested cost and the timeframes are very concerning.” According to the paper, the Restoration & Renewal Sponsor Body, which is composed of MPs, peers, historians, and infrastructure experts, calculated that the work could last a whopping 30 years unless the lawmakers vacate the building. Lord Fowler, who was a speaker in the House of Lords in the past, warned that the cost of continuing to work in place could increase.

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The British media outlet claims that this scenario is not the best. However, they have at least one other plan in place, which would force the MPs outside of Westminster for between 12 and 15 years. 

According to media reports, the body tasked with the restoration of the Houses of Parliament expects to present a final plan to the lawmakers in 2023, while the whole of next year will be spent further analyzing the building’s structures and the level of their deterioration.

One of the major problems facing restoration is a shortage of stonemasons, plasterers and historical window specialists. Officials have admitted that it’s difficult to find the necessary craftsmen.

This is the Palace of Westminster as it stands today. The old palace was demolished by fire in 1834. The majority of its construction was completed by 1860.

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