British government accused of blackmailing PM’s opponents — Analysis

William Wragg, Tory MP and Tory Party member claims that the government uses intimidation to support Boris Johnson

William Wragg, Tory MP, stated that the government was putting pressure on lawmakers with the presumption of trying to avoid a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“In recent days, a number of members of parliament have faced pressures and intimidation from members of the government because of their declared or assumed desire for a vote of confidence in the party leadership of the prime minister,”Wragg also serves as the Chair of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee. This committee oversees all aspects and standards related to constitutional matters.

“Moreover, the reports of which I’m aware, would seem to constitute blackmail,”He added: “as such, it would be my general advice to colleagues to report these matters to the speaker of the House of Commons and the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.” 

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Wragg acknowledged that the government whip’s office – typically tasked with maintaining party discipline – was charged with ensuring No. 10’s business is carried out in the House of Commons, but said it is “not their function to breach the ministerial code.”He went on, noting how it was especially dangerous to threaten to withhold public funding to constituencies with rebel MPs.       

Downing Street responded quickly to these accusations. “We are not aware of any evidence to support what are clearly serious allegations. If there is any evidence to support these claims we would look at it very carefully,”According to a spokesperson, the government has not yet commented.

This development comes as many rebel Tories try to get rid of Johnson. Johnson has been under fire for visiting several Downing Street parties that may have flouted lockdown regulations. 

The PM has instructed MPs that they wait to see the outcome of a probe, before calling for Johnson’s resignation. Johnson has apologized for the ‘Partygate’ scandal, but insisted he did not realize he was breaking the rules.

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