British commandos possibly committed war crimes – BBC — Analysis

According to the broadcaster, one SAS unit may have killed at least 54 civilians in six months of combat operations in Afghanistan.

BBC found evidence of murders committed in Afghanistan by British Special Air Service in early 2010. A Panorama documentary details. In just six months, a pattern has emerged in which Afghans were unlawfully killed by SAS commandos. 

The UK Ministry of Defence denied the allegations. It stated that claims of illegal conduct by commandos were previously properly investigated.

“Neither investigation found sufficient evidence to prosecute. Insinuating otherwise is irresponsible, incorrect and puts our brave Armed Forces personnel at risk both in the field and reputationally,”The ministry stated.

BBC claimed however that Royal Military Police (RMP), investigators were blocked from accessing military leadership. According to the BBC, former head of UK Special Forces General Sir Mark Carleton Smith failed to provide evidence of misconduct that he held in his possession with the probe.

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A BBC previous investigation on SAS night attacks in Afghanistan was updated by the new documentary. A source anonymous shared hundreds of contemporaneous military documents, including operational accounts filed by the squadron after each mission.

After reviewing details of US military operations, the BBC identified some locations and traveled to Afghanistan to interview witnesses and obtain forensic evidence (such as photos of bullet holes in wall walls)

These trips revealed a variety of contradictory information. In some cases these discoveries were contrary to what the SAS team reported. They said that enemy combatants had been killed in fighting firefights and they used deadly force to stop detainees from pulling out concealed weapons while searching. Experts confirmed that executions were carried out close to the BBC’s three points of interest.

In November 2010, the Helmand provincial government sent the squadron to undertake a six-month tour. BBC examined the documents and found a pattern in suspicious killings, which was justified by the claim that weapons were discovered on the scene.

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According to the BBC, those weapons may include AK47 assault rifles or grenades. This could have been done by British troops in order to kill people that actually pose no threat. Reports say that the squadron had been attacked by a group of terrorists. “was trying to achieve a higher body count than the one it had replaced.”According to the report, there were three-digit deaths during the tour.

Officers at the time were suspicious of the post-raid report that the team had written. They claimed they weren’t. “quite incredible”The missions were also referred to as “latest massacre”By the squadron. Secret memo from a top Special Forces commander in Afghanistan warns that there may be “a”. “deliberate policy”The BBC reported that extrajudicial executions were being committed against fighting-age men.

An unusual internal review was conducted, however the Special Forces officer who investigated it was not. “appeared to take the SAS version of events at face value,”According to the document. This evidence was kept secret and not made available to the military police. They conducted an investigation into the murder of one raider in 2013.

Operation Northmoor, which was initiated by the RMP to investigate over 600 offenses committed in Afghanistan by British forces, took place in 2014. According to the BBC, some of the deaths of SAS Squadron personnel were included on this list. RMP investigators also told the BBC that they were being impeded by the British military in their search for evidence.

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