Brazilian Senate committee drops homicide accusation against Bolsonaro, recommends indicting president for 10 crimes over pandemic — RT World News

Brazilian senators presented the “final report” on President Jair Bolsonaro’s alleged crimes in relation to the handling of Covid-19, which concerns his government. The “crimes against humanity” are among the recommended charges.

On Tuesday night, almost 1,200 pages were presented by the Senate’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission. Following a six month-long investigation, the report concludes Bolsonaro’s government had “deliberately exposed population to the [explicit]Risk of spreading an infection to others“Including through thedeliberate delay”Purchases of vaccines

Senator Renan Calheiros (CPI reporter) then requested an indictment against Bolsonaro, 65 others and his sons. He also asked for former ministers, businessmen and several other ministers to be added, along with two companies. also available
Brazilian legislators to suggest HOMICIDE charges against President Bolsonaro for handling Covid-19. Leaked Senate report

If all of the allegations are supported by Brazilian authorities, Bolsonaro could be facing up to 10 criminal charges. Bolsonaro could face up to 10 charges if the allegations are supported by other Brazilian authorities. “epidemic resulting in deaths.”

Initially, charges for genocide and murder against indigenous peoples were expected in the report. But, ultimately, the committee dropped them. Some reports claim that the committee members opposed the charge and claimed such allegations could have undermined the credibility of the report.

However, Bolsonaro was still accused by the senators. “Crimes against the humanity”The nation’s first ever parliamentary committee presented such a detailed list of allegations against a President.

Now, the eleven members of this committee are expected to vote on and discuss the report by October 26. You can amend the document or veto it during voting. The document can be amended or vetoed during the voting. If the vote passes, it will then be given to Brazil’s general prosecutor to face charges. Bolsonaro’s September 2019 appointed Prosecutor General Augusto Aras is considered an ally of the president and is uncertain if he will file charges. also available
Environmental activists take Brazilian president Bolsonaro to ICC over ‘crimes against humanity’ for destruction of Amazon

Bolsonaro had previously denied that the investigation was politically motivated. “joke.”He stated that he wasn’t concerned by the results or any potential indictment.

This report was prompted by a Parliamentary probe into the government’s inadequate response to the pandemic. In Brazil, where the pandemic first struck in February 2020, more than 600,000.000 people were killed by Covid-19. Brazil has been called the deadliest country by the virus and is now second in terms of deaths due to Covid-19.

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