Both the Left and the Right are getting the gender debate wrong — Analysis

When it comes to the culture war around sex and gender, American society couldn’t be more polarized – both sides have their extremes, and both those extremes are wrong

For many years, the gender issue has divided Americans across political lines. Recently, however it seems that this debate is on the rise. While it’s a broad generalization to say the divide on gender issues runs along the right-left political line, it’s reasonable to describe the left as mostly pro-transgender and pro multiple genders, while the right would mostly like to keep the only two genders/sexes humans have always known and recognized, at least until recently – men and women. 

It is not uncommon to see extremes in any given issue. “extreme” to say that you can’t change your sex, or that there really are only two, the conservatives are still missing the mark, in their own way.

There is a difference in the terms “sex” “gender” alone has caused much confusion and contention when it needn’t have. Conservatives want to get rid of the idea. “gender”It would be completely, as it would eliminate the need to have conversations about transgenderism or multiple genders. It is not the right word “gender,”We would be stuck with the harsh materiality of the word “sex.”We would have to deal with two distinct biological biologies in this reality.

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No matter what feelings or the use of hormones or drugs, no one can change sex. While certain characteristics may be changed to mimic or imitate the sexual features of the other sex it is impossible for a complete and seamless transition. In addition, many health problems are associated with sex changing (or sex assignment care as it is more politically correct) Here, the conservative adage that “facts don’t care about your feelings” is fully applicable. ” is fully applicable.  As the embryo develops, both the brain as well as the body will grow. No one can be “You were born into the wrong body” because we Are our bodies. Even at the cellular level, male and female bodies can be distinguished from one another. The left, while eager to demand that people “Follow the science” in other ways, refuse to accept this, and many have taken the stance that drugs and surgeries can change the sex of a human.

If for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, it’s easy to see how the societal pendulum would swing in the opposite direction when faced with radical concepts like transgenderism, multiple genders, etc. We have the far right, which is the exact opposite of politics and culture. This group, however you’d like to call it, generally has a tendency to expect strict adherence to traditional gender stereotypes, citing anything outside of that as somehow immoral. I’ve certainly encountered this as a gay woman in the conservative south who doesn’t adhere to stereotypical gender norms. Some conservatives still view masculine-presenting females as “sexist.” “wrong” and who won’t tolerate effeminate men. Check the comments section of any conservative news outlet when there is a story about a lesbian who happens to have short hair and you’ll see a lot of childish “Is this the man?” remarks. While these remarks are generally harmless, it is indicative of a rising backlash against “woke” gender ideology. While this is not surprising, society won’t benefit from letting the pendulum swing too far. Your idea of what a women should look like ShouldLook like she or How does she look Should behave isn’t going to get us anywhere. It’s a shallow and unproductive stance to take. Better is possible. Acceptance of differences and exceptions are essential.

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Humbly, I offer a substantial dose of reality that I trust both sides will accept. Although sex can’t be controlled, it is possible to change gender expression. Variations in gender expression can lead to men and women showing different characteristics. There really isn’t anything surprising or unique about this.

There have always been little boys who prefer dancing and dress-up to football, and who among us haven’t known a few tomboys?

In adulthood, these atypical gender expressions are often associated with the homosexual population, and I don’t think it’s a wrong assumption. Many of us have known drag queens and lesbians who are butch (a term the lesbian community once embraced when they realized they could be men), and we all understood that these people simply exist. While they might not have the same sex as us in terms of appearance and choice of clothing, their biology has been a constant mystery until now.

Could we please go back to the reasonable, grounded in truth world? Then people can dress up and behave as they wish. 

I’m sure we can all eventually live side-by-side without pushing our extreme ideologies OR our personal esthetics on each other. We can at least try. It’s okay to leave the children out. That part isn’t up for debate.

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