Boost your Company Image By Hosting Live Events

Technology is changing the way we live, especially in the business world, but despite the digital boom, face to face real-time communication is still one of the most effective ways to get your message across. Many large corporations regularly hold live events, which might be to launch new product lines, or as a thank you to regular customers, and if you are tasked with organising such an event, there is much to consider.

Professional Event Planners

If you are not an experienced event planner, you are advised to enlist the help of a professional event organiser, who would have the necessary skills to coordinate everything in such a way that your event will be a success. Of course, there is another alternative, which is to host your event in the five-star meeting rooms in Yangon, or somewhere similar, as such a venue would have everything you need, plus they have staff that arrange live events as a matter of course.

Reaching a Larger Audience

Of course, one goal is to reach as many people as possible, and by making the best use of available technology, you can reach a huge audience. Livestreaming on Facebook, for example, it now possible to reach thousands of people around the world, and if you would like to livestream your event, talk to a specialist videographer, who can advise you accordingly.

Creating a Checklist

It is essential that you create a comprehensive checklist that contains everything you need for your up and coming event, and if you are using an established venue, many of the items will already be provided. These would include the following:

  • Audio-Video Equipment
  • Seating
  • Menu and refreshments
  • Parking facilities
  • Event registration

The MC should be fully conversant with the program and any presentations must be perfectly timed to allow a smooth program that runs according to your timeline.

Public Relations

If you have a PR department, they would be responsible for arranging the event and would ensure the right media coverage for the event. Press coverage is essential, so you should inform the relevant agencies well in advance, in order that they can cover the event.

Identify your Goals

You do need to sit down and work out what your objectives are regarding the event, which might be to introduce a new range of products, or to inform your customers of a new direction that your company is taking. Whatever your goals, you need to ensure that they will be met by the proposed program, and meeting with all concerned parties prior to the event will put everyone on the same page.

People Like to Do Business with Winners

Cultivating an image of success is critical if you are to encourage people to do business with your company and hosting live events is just one way to achieve this. Your presentation should reinforce the success you already have, while outlining your plans for the future.

There are no second chances with a live corporate event, so it is paramount that you check and double check everything prior to the big day.



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