Bolsonaro wants to expose health officials who approved Covid vaccine for kids — Analysis

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will reveal the names of officials who approved vaccinations for children, even though they have received death threats.

In October, the country’s health regulator, Anvisa, said its five directors had received emails threatening them with death if Covid-19 vaccines for children aged five to 11 were approved. Anvisa underlined that “Given the gravity of the situation,” it immediately notified the police and the government, asking them “Adopt the correct measures.

On Thursday, the same day that the regulator approved Pfizer’s shot for young children, Bolsonaro, known for his consistent opposition to anti-Covid measures, said the public should know who made the decision.

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Noting that Anvisa is not subordinate to him, he claimed, “We want to publicize these people’s names so that everyone knows who these people are and, of course, forms their own judgment.”

From five years of age, you have the right and the obligation to obtain the names of those who approved your child’s vaccination.,” he said during a live broadcast on social media.

Anvisa has not yet responded.

Covid-19 has claimed more than 610,000 lives in Brazil. 

Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic has been widely criticized both within the country and from abroad. According to a September poll by Datafolha, the approval rating for the president’s administration dropped to 22%, “This is the most disastrous result of the administration’s existence..”



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