Blast hits Berlin police munition depot (VIDEO) — Analysis

Firefighters are unable to approach the site due to “enormous” danger as the flames spread to a nearby forest

A major fire has engulfed a police munitions detonation facility in Berlin’s Nikolassee district, with explosions preventing firefighters from accessing the site. It is currently spreading quickly in Grunewald, which is adjacent.

The Berlin Fire Brigade reports that 1.5 hectares are currently on fire and that the area affected is within 1 km. Around 100 firefighters have been fighting the flames but they are still exploding, which poses a threat to lives. “enormous danger”Anyone who comes to the site.

“The operation will take a long time,” department spokesman Thomas Kirstein told reporters. Other than the explosions firefighters also stated that heat and dry conditions are causing problems in their work.

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Police stated that there is no danger zone for residential properties and no immediate danger to the public.

According to Berliner Zeitung, the emergency services will be on call and available to help people in need. The public was advised to close their doors and windows, as well as turn off air conditioners and ventilators.

A police spokesperson said that the reason for the explosion is still unknown. This facility was used by Berlin Police’s Weapons Disposal Units to control explosives on devices.

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