Biden’s Covid symptoms return — Analysis

The US President is experiencing “a bit of a return of a loose cough,” his doctor said

Joe Biden is still fighting a so-called rebound Covid-19 virus and will continue to be under strict monitoring by his doctor Kevin O’Connor.

“The President continues to feel well, though he is experiencing a bit of a return of a loose cough. He’s still healthy and happy. His pulse, temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate remain all normal. His lungs are clear,”O’Connor provided an update about the President’s health.

According to White House protocol, Biden (79) will remain in isolation at the White House until Thursday.

On July 21, the US president tested positive to Covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated. After five days of isolation, he developed a slight cough and body pains, which led to him being negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday.

Biden tests positive for Covid-19 again

However, on Saturday morning, Biden tested positive once again, with O’Connor noting that “a small percentage of” patients treating Covid-19 with Pfizer’s antiviral pill Paxlovid are likely to suffer so-called “rebound Covid positivity” – where they seem to recover from the disease before falling ill again.

White House Coronavirus Czar Anthony Fauci suffered a similar reinfection in May when he was treating his Covid-19 case with Paxlovid. Biden said Paxlovid was a “very good” drug after he had a negative test. “game-changer”in fighting against Covid-19. He urged Americans not to buy the drugs from any drugstores.

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