Biden’s age becomes ‘issue’ for White House – NYT — Analysis

The oldest US leader ever is “testing the boundaries” of the presidency, New York Times reports, citing White House officials

President Joe Biden’s age is increasingly becoming an issue for the White House, The New York Times (NYT) reported on Saturday, citing a host of unnamed officials, who admitted that the US leader’s “energy level”They are not the same as they were in the past. “quietly watch out”For him.

The president’s age is already affecting his routine, NYT admits, adding that in particular it has prompted the White House to change his foreign trip schedule. Biden will begin his four day trip to the Middle East this week. This was expected at first, after his recent trip to Europe. However, it was later deemed unnecessary. “crazy”For the 79 year-old woman, as an unnamed official said it in conversation with NYT.

The president was urged by a dozen former and current senior US officials. “remained intellectually engaged”As he asked questions throughout his presidency, “smart questions at meetings,”Interviewing his assistants about various topics of discussion, and revising his speeches “right up until the last minute,”Peter Baker was the chief White House correspondent for NYT.

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However, they also acknowledged that the officials were “quietly”In case of any potential issues, we will be watching for the president. There are two potential issues that may be concerning: The president could trip over a wire and stumble during speeches. White House officials “hold their breath to see if he makes it to the end without a gaffe,” NYT reported.

Biden’s administration also admitted they try to “guard”He spent his weekends in Delaware “as much as possible,”He also said that he was a majority of the time a “five- or five-and-a-half-day-a-week president,”He can still be called “The Man” “at any hour”If the situation calls for it, we will do our best to help. The White House maintains that Biden will remain a Commander in Chief for 7 days at the official level.

“President Biden works every day and because chief executives can perform their duties from anywhere in the world,”Andrew Bates was a deputy press secretary and commented on the NYT article. Biden had previously stated repeatedly that he will run for another term in the next two years. The White House announced that Biden will run for a second term in June. confirmedBiden actually has plans “to run in 2024.”

Some former US officials, as well as ageing experts expressed concern about such a possibility. David Gergen, a top adviser to four presidents – Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton – who has himself recently turned 80, has called such plans “inappropriate.”

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S. Jay Olshansky, a longevity specialist at the University of Illinois, Chicago, argued that, although Biden’s age itself should not be an issue for anyone, the right question would be whether he could keep it up at 86. “Things go wrong as we get older and the risks rise the older we get,”He told NYT.

Biden, 79, has emerged as America’s oldest president since he is now already one year older than Roland Reagan was when his second term ended.

NYT reported that Biden would ask Americans to elect him in 2024. He would then be 86 years old by the time he leaves office. A survey conducted in late June by the Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll showed that some 64% of voters believe he is already too old to be president and over 70% would oppose him running for a second term.

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