Biden & Xi agree to avoid conflict — Analysis

The US and Chinese leaders have held a lengthy virtual meeting on Tuesday, with Joe Biden and Xi Jinping expressing readiness to improve strained bilateral relations and make sure competition doesn’t end in conflict.

Biden, who smiled and waved to Xi as he appeared on screen, said that the responsibility of the two was to ensure that “the competition between our countries does not veer into conflict, whether intended or unintended.”

It should. “simple, straightforward competition”He added that there was a difference between Washington, China and Beijing.

Xi also stressed the importance of “increase communication and cooperation”Between the two countries.

Biden was open to working with him, he said. “build consensus, take active steps and move China-US relations forward in a positive direction.”But he stressed the importance of a mutually respectful process.

The Chinese leader called Biden an “old friend” as they’ve known each other for years, working together when they were still vice presidents of their countries.

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‘No change’ in US policy on Taiwan, White House says after Biden vows to defend it against China

Although the American side started the meeting cheerfully, many of the difficult issues were on the agenda. It came amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over US support of Taiwan’s independence push and trade disputes, among other things. The US also claims China is committing human rights violations against the Uyghur population in the Xinjiang region – an accusation Beijing is strongly denying.

Biden stated from the Roosevelt Room of the White House that Washington believed it. “all countries have to play by the same rules of the road,”he insisted the US “is always going to stand up for our interests and values and those of our allies and partners.”

The comment could’ve been a nod to Taiwan, a self-governed island some 160 kilometers east of mainland China, which Beijing views as its breakaway territory. The US has been committed to the ‘One China’ policy since 1979 – and Biden again confirmed it to Xi during the talks – but has also maintained unofficial ties with Taipei, selling it weapons and warning that it was ready to help the island militarily if Beijing resorts to the use of force. China is furious about these contacts and calls them meddling in its internal affairs.

“We are patient and willing to do our utmost to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification”Xi stated that Taiwan would be his partner. He repeated to American counterparts, however, that China would take. “decisive measures”If “pro-Taiwan independence”Forcings were crossed “red line.”

Both leaders were “extended discussion” on Taiwan, with Biden directly telling his counterpart that China’s behavior had been at odds with stability across the Taiwan strait, a senior US administration official told Reuters. He acknowledged, however that there was nothing new on Taiwan regarding guardrails in the virtual sit down.

The White House stated that US leaders also expressed concerns about human rights to Xi.

Xi pointed out that trade and economic cooperation between China and the US was mutually beneficial and a win-win for the two countries, insisting that such issues shouldn’t be politicized. Ahead of the talks, the US officials warned that scaling back US tariffs on Chinese goods wasn’t on Biden’s agenda.

China’s top leader in China spoke of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is being blamed by the US on China. He said solidarity and cooperation are important. “the most powerful weapons”Against the virus, and asking the world to come together against it

During the negotiation, the two presidents pledged to collaborate on climate and energy issues. The Chinese side called it “a great opportunity for cooperation.” “frank, constructive and fruitful.”

The conversation was Biden’s longest since he took office. Both leaders have not yet met face to face, since Xi chose to stay in China during the outbreak.

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