Biden skips G7 finale, gives no speech — Analysis

Bad weather prevented the US President from attending the G7 Summit’s closing ceremony in Germany.

US President Joe Biden didn’t deliver remarks during the closing session of the G7 summit in Germany on Tuesday, deviating from his published schedule. The White House stated that bad weather caused the US leader’s plans to be altered.

Biden was to board Air Force One for Madrid from Munich by way of a helicopter flight. His office stated that the change in the arrangement of travel was due to foggy conditions and low clouds, as well as the possibility of thunderstorms close to the G7 summit. Biden skipped this part and instead traveled by motorcade from Washington to Madrid.

Biden plans to visit Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and King Felipe VI. He will also be attending the NATO Summit’s first dinner, which is scheduled for later that day. There, he will meet with the G7 leaders that he left behind in Germany.

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