Biden promises more ‘military capabilities’ on eastern NATO flank – official — Analysis

Joe Biden has pledged “additional military capabilities” for NATO’s easternmost members, Lithuania’s presidential advisor has revealed after talks between the US president and regional leaders.

Talks by phone were held on Thursday between the US president and the Bucharest Nine leaders. This group brings together countries from eastern Europe, such as Poland, Slovakia, Estonia and Hungary.

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NATO hopes that tensions on Russia-Ukraine border have been reduced – Stoltenberg

The 45-minute talks were held by the US president. “additional military capabilities” for the region’s NATO members, Asta Skaisgiryte, foreign policy adviser for Lithuania’s president, told reporters.

“He said additional reassurance elements are possible in these countries, and additional military capabilities,”The official added that US President Donald Trump hasn’t provided any details or location information about the NATO-led military buildup.

“No country was specifically named. However, it can be understood that it is in the eastern flank of NATO,”Sie stated.

He also gave the Bucharest Nine leaders a briefing on his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The talks largely focused around Ukraine. Biden also assured the region’s leaders that he would never make any deals involving the eastern European countries behind their backs, according to Skaisgiryte. 

According to US president, the leader said that “nothing has been said about you without you,”Official added



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