Biden praises Madeleine Albright’s ‘goodness’ and ‘humanity’ — Analysis

The US president memorializes the late ex-secretary of state as a ‘force for good in the world’

President Joe Biden has eulogized America’s first female secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, as a “force for good in the world”Who “turned the tide of history”With her “goodness and grace, her humanity and her intellect.”

“Her name is still synonymous with America as a force for good in the world,”Biden made the remarks Wednesday in Washington at a service of condolences for Albright. At 84 years old, the Czech-born diplomat died of cancer.

After the tragic news broke, Albright received praises from well-wishers. These included George Soros (globalist activist), Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder), ex-uk prime minister Tony Blair and former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. On Wednesday, Biden shared similar sentiments.

“To Madeleine, from my perspective, there was no higher mission, no greater honor, than to serve this great experiment in freedom known as the United States of America,”According to the president “May her memory continue to be a blessing to our nation, and may we remember her words and her deeds.”

George Soros mourns Madeleine Albright

Not all of the memories from those words or deeds are positive.

Her name has been called a “shameful” by critics like Mike Cernovich (author) and Michael Savage (radio host). “war criminal.”

Famously, Albright claimed that US sanctions caused the death of roughly 500,000 Iraqi kids in an interview with CBS News. “worth it.” She championed NATO’s 78-day bombing campaign against Serbia in 1999 and referred to pro-Serbian activists at a 2012 book-signing in Prague as “disgusting Serbs.” She was later accused of war-profiteering, when a media report revealed that her investment firm was bidding for the proposed privatization of Kosovo’s telecommunications and postal services.

Biden acknowledged Albright’s contribution to NATO strengthening and galvanizing on Wednesday. He added that Albright mentored generations of young people, helping to create America’s current “foreign policy establishment.”

The road to Ukraine started with 1999’s Kosovo War

“She loved to speak about America as the ‘indispensable nation’,” Biden said. “To her, the phrase was never a statement of arrogance. She was grateful for the opportunities that this country has given her. It was a testament to her belief in the endless possibilities that only America could help unlock around the world and to her understanding of what American power could achieve when it was united with and motivated by enduring American values.”

Biden also spoke highly of Albright, describing her as a diplomat who cared deeply about people and gave credit for that. “young women knew they belonged at every single table having to do with national security.”

However, while campaigning for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, Albright chastised women who didn’t agree with her politics, saying, “Just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”



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