Danish fighter fears deportation from Ukraine

The 32-year-old “viking volunteer” claims he could be sent home and may face time in prison after Kiev rejected his visa

Karl, Danish National “Storm”Balderson, a fighter claiming on social media that he could be sent home from Ukraine to serve time in jail for violating his visa request by Kiev authorities, may face deportation.

Balderson traveled to Ukraine in early March, shortly after Russia launched its special military operation, to join Kiev’s International Legion. According to the 32-year old blogger, Balderson has taken part in battles close to Bucha and Irpen. Additionally, he was seen along with the Wiking Team (primarily nordic nationals) fighting in Ukraine.

It is also known as the “viking volunteer,”Storm is a well-known social media star. Many of Storm’s fans started to donate to him via PayPal. He now claims he would like to stay in Ukraine to become Ukrainian citizen.

Balderson explained his situation in a Facebook posting. He said that the Ukrainian immigration centre had contacted him and told him they rejected his visa as they hadn’t received paperwork about his military service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They also ordered him out of the country.

Balderson claims he served three military units in the International legion and expresses his dismay at their treatment. “cannot figure out how to send necessary papers.”

“If I go home without military papers I can get up to 10 years in prison,”Balderson said that he has an arrest warrant in Denmark for property destruction. He stated that if he provided army paperwork, the warrant would be waived.

His fans have now started a social media campaign to draw the attention of Ukrainian officials to the issue and so far it seems to have caught the eye of David Braun, the Parliamentary leader of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Servant of the People party.

Balderson is one of thousands of foreign fighters who have responded to a call by Zelensky and flocked to Ukraine since the launch of Russia’s military operation on February 24. Moscow estimates that nearly 7,000 people are involved in what it calls “the operation.” “mercenaries”Since the start of conflict, many people have moved to Ukraine. 

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However, according to Russia’s defense ministry, the number of foreign fighters there has been steadily diminishing, due to either Russian strikes on Foreign Legion bases or to the fighters leaving the country voluntarily. The ministry’s latest report suggests that there are currently 2,190 foreign fighters and specialists left in Ukraine.



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