Biden ‘offers handshake to imaginary friend’ — Analysis

After a Thursday appearance, Joe Biden was widely ridiculed. Following a North Carolina speech, Biden appeared to give a handshake to everyone present.

The president visited North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro to make a 40-minute address on the economy. Biden, after his speech on the work of his administration to restore supply chains and start an economic recovery, turned his back and extended his hand as though he were offering it for a handshake. After a few seconds, he stood and turned his back towards the audience before stepping off the podium.

Biden’s political opponents interpreted the hand gesture as the latest episode of apparent confusion, which the 79-year-old politician has demonstrated on several occasions during his presidency.

Richard Grenell was the US Ambassador to Germany, and Acting Director of National Intelligence in Trump’s administration. called it a moment of “weakness” that the entire world sees. GOP Senator Ted Cruz tweetedA response to video footage, an eye emoji. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene saidIt is “incredibly embarrassing”Biden to be the president.

Many Twitter users claimed that Biden was looking to have a drink with some ghosts or imaginary friends. Some gave Biden the benefit of doubt. “It was clearly a hand gesture (a playful ‘How’s that?’) to his people,”One self-described “solidly on the right” user said, dismissing Grenell’s criticism.

Biden is much less active than in years past since his 2020 campaign for the presidency. Biden has been seen to appear to be drifting in his thoughts when he speaks to the media or makes public speeches. Biden supporters deny that these signs are indicative of his mental decline.

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