Biden is rooting for Russia to invade Ukraine, Tulsi Gabbard says — Analysis

The former US congresswoman suggests US and NATO want Moscow to attack so they can impose “draconian” sanctions and enrich the military-industrial complex

Tulsi Gabbard, a former US congresswoman, stated that President Joe Biden and NATO allies can easily stop war in Ukraine. However they would prefer Russia invading their ally as a way to justify harsh sanctions and to start a money-making Cold War.  

Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran who ran unsuccessfully for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, made her comments as Biden’s administration and US media outlets continued to hype a possibly “imminent” Russian attack on Ukraine. “It cements this cold war in place,”In the interview, she stated.

The US and its allies could prevent an armed conflict by pledging that Ukraine won’t be allowed to join NATO, Gabbard said. It’s “highly, highly unlikely” that Kiev will ever be approved as a NATO member, so refusing to promise what’s already a reality shows that leaders of the alliance don’t want peace, the Hawaii Democrat added.

It is the military industrial complex that gets all of these benefits. These men clearly have control over the Biden administration. These tensions have been fueled by Washington’s warmongers.

Russia last December sent security proposals to Washington – among them, blocking Ukraine from NATO membership – but US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the alliance will maintain its open door policy.

“Why are we in this position then, if the answer to this and preventing this war from happening is very clear as day?” Gabbard asked. “And really, it just points to one conclusion that I can see, which is, they actually want Russia to invade Ukraine.”

Biden could be invaded by Ukraine. “clear excuse to go and levy draconian sanctions, which are a modern-day siege against Russia and the Russian people,”Gabbard stated. It would result in “locking in a new cold war.”

“The military-industrial complex starts to make a ton more money than they have been in fighting Al-Qaeda or making weapons for Al-Qaeda,”Gabbard stated. “And who pays the price? American, Ukrainian, and Russian citizens all pay. It undermines our own national security, but the military-industrial complex that controls so many of our politicians wins, and they run to the bank.”

While the US claims that it does not intend to arm radical Islamists in any way, researchers report instances where sophisticated American weaponry was used by fighters associated with Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, (previously ISIS).

Media outlets name another ‘Russian invasion’ date

Gabbard has been a prominent voice against America’s wars and regime change interventions. US media outlets are generally dismissive of Gabbard’s arguments. The Daily Beast called her most recent comments “The Daily Beast”. “Tulsi’s twisted theory.”

This week, the ex-lawmaker said earlier “warmongers” have argued that the US must protect Ukraine as a democracy – all while supporting such anti-democratic actions in Kiev as shutting down critical TV stations and imprisoning an opposition party leader. On Friday, she pointed out that US leaders haven’t even made a case as to why the American people should want Ukraine to join NATO.

“I have a hard time seeing how President Biden or anyone can say with an honest face, ‘We are defending democracy,’”Gabbard spoke to Carlson. “And the reason is because our own government has publicly supported these authoritarian actions by the Ukrainian president in shutting down their own political opposition … This sounds familiar to some of the things that unfortunately, we’re seeing play out right here at home.”

Russia denied it is planning to attack Ukraine. The White House, however, stated Friday that an invasion of Ukraine could be in the offing. “at any time.” Western countries have been accusing Russia of amassing troops and military hardware dangerously close to Ukraine’s borders since last fall. Moscow denies making threats to Kiev. The West is responsible for the increase in tensions.



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