Biden hits another low – poll — Analysis

Just 38% of Americans approve of US President Joe Biden’s leadership, as more than half expect a recession in the next year

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating sank to 38% in a CNBC poll released on Thursday, down from 46% in December. Respondents gave Biden poor marks for his economic handling and in the Ukraine conflict. They also ranked inflation at the top of their concerns.

Biden was found to be 38% approve and 53% disagree. CNBC recorded Biden’s approval rating at 46%, and disapproval rating of 48% four months prior. Biden scores even lower on his economy management, only 35% disapproving and 60% approving. This is down from the December 37% and 56%, respectively. When it comes to the economy, Biden’s rating has fallen consistently over four consecutive CNBC polls.

Respondents ranked rising living costs as the number one worry at 48%, while the conflict in Ukraine was second with 31%. Immigration (23%) followed by unemployment (20%). 

On Tuesday, the US Labor Department reported that their consumer price index rose 8.5% from twelve months ago to March. This is the largest year-over-year rise since 1981. Some prices are higher than 8.5%. For example, gasoline rose 40% during the March year.

US inflation jumps to 40-year high

According to the Biden administration, they tried to put soaring energy and food prices down on Russian President Vladimir Putin. They also blamed his military operations in Ukraine. “Putin’s price hike”Their bills are their responsibility. CNBC’s poll revealed that 55% believe this, but 49% blame Biden and 69% blame global supply chain disruptions. 

Despite Biden’s attempts to pass responsibility to Putin, inflation in the US has been rising since Biden spent more money in his first eight months in office than former President Donald Trump did in 2018 and 2019 combined, and fuel prices have risen since Biden throttled domestic energy production immediately upon taking office.

Although the White House at first dismissed the inflation rise as an error, it has since corrected the situation. “transitory,” the Federal Reserve admitted as far back as December that this wasn’t the case anymore. 

According to Thursday’s poll, 47% of the American public rated the economic situation as “poor,”The highest percentage in this category since 2012. This category was only ranked by 17%. “good.”

One fifth of Americans consider their personal financial condition to be poor. “getting ahead,”Most people say they are “remaining in place,”One in 10 people say they are “falling backward.”56% said they anticipate a recession this year. However, 84% of those surveyed stated they plan to cut back on their spending to meet the needs.

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