Biden has ‘no plans’ to talk to Putin — Analysis

US President Joe Biden has “no plans” to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin after announcing new sanctions

On Thursday, Joe Biden, the US President, revealed that he had “no plans”Vladimir Putin, the Russian President accused of orchestrating a coup, to talk with him. “premeditated” attack on Ukraine.

“It’s a large conflict already,”Biden responded when asked by a reporter if he communicated with the Kremlin about keeping the situation under control. “spiraling.” “The way we’re going to ensure it’s not going to spiral into a larger conflict is by providing all the forces needed in the Eastern European nations that are members of NATO.”

He also stated that NATO allies were “more united”They are stronger than ever, and he does not intend to speak directly with Putin. Previous US sanctions have been announced against Russian financial institutions, wealthy people and their families.

Biden imposes ‘long-term impact’ sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

Biden said a previous threat he’d made, of personally sanctioning Putin over his Ukraine actions, “is on the table.”

“It’s not a bluff. It’s on the table,” he said, then declining to answer why personal sanctions on the Russian president weren’t included in the new round of measures. 

Biden stated in an interview that he was a “month or so,”He will review the situation to determine if economic sanctions against Russia are still in place. “are working.” 

Moscow, in spite of warnings from Biden (and others) about Ukraine on Thursday morning, announced that it was moving its military into Ukraine “demilitarize and denazify”Current regime in Kiev. The move came after Biden had put in place previous economic sanctions, following Putin recognizing the two breakaway territories, the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic. 



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