Biden explains Saudi Arabia trip — Analysis

Riyadh could help the US counter Russia and China, as well as mitigate the effects of the oil crisis. He wrote this in an opinion piece

US President Joe Biden defends his visit to Saudi Arabia, stating that it is crucial to engage with Riyadh in order for him and the United States to counter the terrorism. “Russia’s aggression,”Attaining “greater stability” in the Middle East, and ensuring Washington’s ability to “outcompete China.”

Biden responded directly to critics in an opinion piece published Saturday night by the Washington Post. He stated that although human rights are always on his mind, it is not his job to maintain the US. “strong and secure”You can also find out more about a “more secure and integrated Middle East benefits Americans in many ways.”

“We have to counter Russia’s aggression, put ourselves in the best possible position to outcompete China, and work for greater stability in a consequential region of the world. To do these things, we have to engage directly with countries that can impact those outcomes,”Biden added that Saudi Arabia was one of these nations.

The president listed some practical benefits of “Reorientation” relations “with a country that’s been a strategic partner for 80 years.

“Its waterways are essential to global trade and the supply chains we rely on. Its energy resources are vital for mitigating the impact on global supplies of Russia’s war in Ukraine,” the American leader said, revealing that oil-rich Saudi Arabia is now working with US experts “in order to stabilize the oil market with other OPEC members.

Reality trumps principles as Biden plans a meeting with the Saudi crown prince

Biden also stressed that “violent extremism” is less likely to rise in a region “that’s coming together through diplomacy and cooperation.”

Admitting that his visit is seen by many as controversial, Biden said his administration had reversed “The blank-check policy” towards Riyadh by releasing the intelligence report on the murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 in Turkey (which deemed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman responsible for ordering the killing) and imposing new sanctions on the state. Riyadh claimed the rights to its security agents “went rogue”Istanbul 

My administration made it clear to all governments that extraterritorial harassment and threats against activists and dissidents will not be tolerated by the United States,” Biden said, at the same time hailing some of Riyadh’s achievements in international politics.

Biden used his op-ed to contrast his own administration’s policies in the Middle East with those of Donald Trump, whom he referred to only as “my predecessor” without ever mentioning his name.

Biden will travel to the Middle East between July 13 and July 16. Biden will stop in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the West Bank. The president highlighted the symbolic significance of his flight direct from Israel to Saudi Arabia in his opinion piece.

The travel of this delegation will be an emblem of the growing relations and steps towards normalization between Israel, the Arab world and Israel, which my administration works to strengthen and expand.” he explained.

The announcement of the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia and especially his upcoming meeting with the Crown Prince has drawn harsh criticism as Biden had previously pledged to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” over Khashoggi’s murder. The US is experiencing a dramatic rise in gas prices and the administration of Khashoggi hopes to increase production in the Gulf country.

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