Biden administration to issue gender-neutral passports — Analysis

The US State Department announced on Thursday that it will offer a third ‘X’ gender option on passports as of April 11. This passport change is just one of many transgender-focused policies that the Biden administration has implemented.

Those availing of an ‘X’ passport will not have to provide any medical documentation to prove that they are neither male nor female, a press release from Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained. The statement added that the ‘X’ stands for those with “unspecified or another gender identity,”Blinken’s definition “is respectful of individuals’ privacy while advancing inclusion.”

The US’ first gender-neutral passport was actually issued last October, three months after the State Department gave trans Americans the option of switching their gender on their passports without providing medical documents to prove their transition. The Biden administration had promised that they would give “non-binary”A third gender choice was offered to people in the early 2022. Conservatives mocked this decision online.

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Online reaction to the new passports was very similar now that they will be arriving in about two weeks. There are LGBT organizations and left-wing activistsWhile conservatives laughed at the Biden government, they celebrated it. “This is somehow a priority for our State Dept at the moment? No wonder our enemies don’t take us seriously,”Cicely Davis is a Republican candidate for Congress tweetedWhile another commenter is able to respond, lamented how, “Chinese third graders are learning multi-variable calculus”While “Our third graders are being taught that ‘men can have babies.’”

Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, and New Zealand each issue gender neutral passports. However, more than a dozen countries offer third-gender passports to intersex, non-binary persons in certain situations. 

The State Department’s announcement came on ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, an occasion created by transgender campaigners in 2009 and now prominently celebrated by Democrats in the US. Alongside the State Department’s passport announcement, the Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday that it would introduce “more efficient, less invasive screening procedures”These are the best options for trans-travellers: “promote the use and acceptance of the ‘X’ gender marker”Airlines

Biden also claimed that a number of steps were being taken to address the issue. “transgender children,”Includes promises to support “gender-affirming care” – a term that usually includes treatments ranging from therapy to puberty blockers and surgery – for kids. 

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