Best Ways to Put On Fake Eyelashes

Putting on fake eyelashes looks really intimidating and even impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ve probably struggled with the glue and the lashes so many times before just giving up – resolved to never try fake eyelashes ever again. But what if there was a better way? Even though you might have to tweak some of these methods to come up with your own system, there are still some tips and tricks that you can try to make the process of putting on fake eyelashes quick, easy, and painless. So here’s everything you need to know about how to put on fake lashes:

Trim the Lashes Beforehand

One thing that you have to do before you put on your fake eyelashes is to measure and trim them to actually fit your eye. Odds are that the original lash strip will be too long for your eye and will look totally crazy if you don’t trim it! However, you also don’t want to trim them too short and have them not take up your entire eye. So how can you do this accurately? You need to use tweezers to place the new lashes against your lash line – starting with the inner corner. Then, where the lashes extend past the outer corner, place your tweezers at this point and then grab some scissors and trim at that point. It’s always a good idea to measure your eyes separately because they can be different sizes!

Prep Your Real Lashes

It’s never a good idea to just put on fake eyelashes without prepping your real lashes. After you apply your regular eye makeup, including eyeshadow and eyeliner, you should curl your real lashes and apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara. All of this will help your real lashes blend into your falsies. One thing to remember, though, is to never put mascara (especially waterproof mascara) on your fake eyelashes unless you want to ruin them. However, adding an extra swipe of eyeliner after you apply the lashes to fill in your lash line is totally acceptable.

Apply Just Enough Glue

Another tip for applying false eyelashes is to nail your glue game. Besides the actual application, this is one of the trickiest parts because you don’t want too much glue but you also don’t want too little! Make sure to apply a thin yet continuous line of lash adhesive completely from one end of the lashes to the other. Wait a few seconds after placing the glue to actually apply the lashes so that it has some time to set.

Change Your Mirror Placement

This expert tip is truly life-changing. Perhaps one of the hardest parts of putting on fake eyelashes is getting just the right placement along your lash line. It’s really easy to place them too far up on your eyelid or get them tangled within your real eyelashes during this process. However, changing your mirror placement might really help! instead of looking into a mirror head-on, place a mirror below your eyes so that you can actually see where the lashes need to go and then simply place them on either with your fingers or tweezers.

Use Tweezers

Speaking of tweezers, using them can really make the entire fake lash application process way easier. They offer a lot of grip and stability so that you can nail your application every time. They are also more accurate than using your fingers since they are smaller, pointier, and easy to control. Pointy tweezers tend to work best for this or you could purchase an actual fake lash applicator that is able to totally grip the lashes with its unique shape and not cause any damage in the process.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Finally, the last tip for applying fake eyelashes like a pro is to keep your eyes open – no matter how difficult that may seem! Obviously, you don’t want to apply your fake lashes totally blind – that’s not really a recipe for success. You don’t want to poke yourself in the eye or place them incorrectly. Also, many people don’t know that their eye shape changes when it’s closed compared to when it’s open. So if you apply your fake lashes to your closed eye, it might not look right when you open your eye. Keeping your eyes open might take some practice, but it’s definitely something that you should work towards when applying your false lashes.


Now that you know that applying fake lashes doesn’t have to be hard – you can start practicing! It might seem a little bit awkward and unnatural at first, but if you follow this guide and these handy tips, you will get it down in no time. All of the work will be worth it now that you’re able to achieve luxurious lashes quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.


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