Benjamin Cory Harow’s Insight For Coping With Mental Health Issues During Covid-19

Benjamin Cory Harow has over 22 years of medical expertise, especially in the realm of emergency medicine. After graduating med school in 1999 with honors, he became an Emergency Medical Specialist in Boynton Beach, Florida. Harow agrees that mental health is just as much of a concern in humans as physical health and with the pandemic reaching its one year anniversary, it is time to talk about how Covid-19 is impacting the mental stability of millions. This article will discuss some tips Dr. Harow would like to share with the public in order to help people take care of themselves. Whether it be a child, a young adult, or a parent, everybody needs some extra care and attention during these unprecedented times. 

As a parent, Benjamin Cory Harow has lived through the struggle of trying to provide for his family. With a global pandemic in the midst, that challenge has become even greater. Harow’s advice for parents is to take the time in quarantine to cook family meals and make the children of the family feel safe and secure. Make sure to spend quality time with them and make the habit of turning off the news whenever they are around. Times of crisis can have long lasting effects on children, in regards to their behavior and their overall well being. With that in mind, parents should make it a priority to make the home feel like a safe and comforting place. 

Adults are known as the caretakers of their children. However, many parents are struggling with their own issues on top of being the support system for others. They feel stressed, alone, and defeated. Dr. Harow advises parents who are struggling to stay afloat to consider seeing a therapist. This will give parents an opportunity to regain a sense of self control. Confiding in a non biased, third party individual will give adults a chance to get everything off their chest and release all of the pent up frustration this world of uncertainty puts on their shoulders. Another form of releasing stress is to exercise often. Take some time in the morning or at night to try yoga or go for a run, just to take some time dedicated to self care. Whatever adults can take time out of their day to do for themselves will ultimately benefit the entire family.

Teenagers are another age group that has been deeply affected by the pandemic. Young adults at this time crave privacy and the need to be alone. However, with isolation being enforced for the past year, spending time with loved ones could give teenagers a break from stressing about when they can go back to school and live a normal life again. To prevent becoming deeply sad and depressed, Harow thinks splitting time between being social and having that necessary alone time is essential. Take time to watch Netlflix or listen to music with family members to distract the mind from thinking negative thoughts. 

Benjamin Cory Harow stresses the importance of people keeping their mental health in check while the pandemic persists and for months after it is a distant memory. With millions around the world facing personal and financial hardships, it is essential to keep an optimistic perspective, because, although it doesn’t feel like it, this difficult time is temporary. Life will one day return to normal and people will return to work to continue to provide for their families. In the meantime, by providing care to your children and family while also taking care of yourself, there will be much brighter days ahead once we turn the page of Covid-19.


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