Benefits of Installing a Fence in the Winter

There is no reason to wait until the winter weather breaks to start on those projects you need done.  How often have you thought to yourself or heard other people say “when spring gets here, I’m going to” insert-project-here? Since everybody and their brother waits until the snow melts to get their outdoor projects done, everybody and their brother are also competing with each other to find materials and contractors to do the work.

Waiting until spring might make sense to your brain but it doesn’t for your wallet as you’re forced to pay a premium for products and services you could get for bargain prices in the colder months. That’s not the only reason to get those projects, like installing a fence, done in the winter.  Let’s take a look at some other tips and benefits for installing a fence in the winter.

  • Safety and accident prevention.  Not something you’d think of right away, but snow drifts cause car accidents when people can’t see around them and can melt into ice on sidewalks causing bodily injury when passersby slip and fall. Fencing blocks snow drifts.
  • Rain isn’t going to constantly halt progress or cause warped boards.  During the rainy season, it can be really difficult to keep the material dry enough to prevent unintentional warping or bending of product as it gets wet and dries repeatedly.  In the winter, the dry air is perfect for full installation.
  • It isn’t like a big project is going to make being outside less enjoyable for you.  When you take on a project like a large fence install, it can be an eyesore for days until the project is finished and the ground is fixed. Well, not many of us are going outside for a family barbecue or admiring the gardens in the dead of winter.
  • Less damage to the ground. Since the ground is frozen, You’re not going to be rutting it up with heavy machinery or trucks nearly as easily.  There won’t be exhaustive cleanup and ground repair requiring extra investment in grass seed or the manpower to spread it.
  • You still get the privacy you crave when the dead bushes, trees, and plants aren’t able to bloom. Once all your foliage is gone, your property is naked for all in the world to see.  A fence will help you during the winter months feel more at home and secluded, giving you some privacy all year ‘round.

Try to keep in mind that not all fencing options are created equal. We recommend selecting something that is going to last you all year long, no matter the temperature, precipitation, or amount of sunlight you get. Metal fences stand up best to the tests of time and severe weather conditions all over the spectrum. Aluminum is lighter and weaker than steel or iron, but offers more flexibility during install.

Iron is heavy and won’t be going anywhere until long after you’re gone but can rust easily while steel holds up best to all the types of weather but won’t do much for blocking snow or creating privacy and comes with a higher price tag.  Vinyl can become brittle in the cold but often looks most aesthetically pleasing, while wood, especially pressure treated, can provide all the solutions you desire but for a short period of time as the planks and boards will inevitably bend and warp.

Anderson Fence is Ready to Install Fencing Any Time of Year

Any of the solutions can easily be installed in any season by the pros at Anderson Fence so don’t let winter scare you!  Since we handle contracting needs all year-round, you don’t need to worry about hoping we’re available to help you when the winter breaks like most contractors. Call (410) 749-2944 to schedule a consultation or request an estimate. We look forward to installing your fence whatever time of year is best for you.


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