Belarus partially closes airspace — Analysis

The Ministry of Defense announced a wide-ranging closure to civilian airspace amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense declared on Thursday that it would close parts of its airspace for civil aviation.

To ensure security, the highest brass of the Armed Forces made the decision. These measures were in effect as of 12:00 GMT (9AM GMT).

The partial closure impacts civil aviation on the southern border, impacting the regions from Baranovichi, Osipovichi, Krichev to Vysokoe, the country’s press service confirmed.

According to the Ministry of Defense, current restrictions are in effect from 19800m above ground. 

EU vows ‘strongest, harshest’ sanctions against Russia

Earlier on Thursday, Russia announced the commencement of a special military ‘operation’ in the Donbass after the leaders of the breakaway republics asked Moscow for military assistance in response to what they claim is an increase in “Ukrainian aggression.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move came after Moscow recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk breakaway republics in the Donbass.

The recognition was in response to Ukraine’s alleged failure to implement its obligations under the Minsk agreements struck in 2014 and 2015 to resolve conflict between separatists and the Ukrainian government.

Belarus confirms that it is not participating in the invasion.

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