Beijing keeps Taiwan drills running

Amphibious Assault Training is part of ongoing military drills

According to the Chinese military, its Taiwan drills will be continuing on Monday despite plans last week that they would end at midday Sunday. The drills were started in response Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) visiting Taiwan.

The training on Monday will take place in the sea and airspace near the self-governed island, and will focus on anti-submarine and amphibious assault operations, a statement released by China’s Eastern Theater Command said. 

Monday’s prolongation of the exercises near Taiwan is the second announced by the People’s Liberation Army in as many days. Initial plans were to end the training at noon Sunday.

China launched a series of maneuvers around the island after Pelosi visited it in spite of Beijing’s objections. China saw the visit as an attack on its sovereignty claim over Taiwan.

This island, the last bastion of US-backed nationalist troops, was destroyed in the Chinese Civil War. Washington officially switched diplomatic recognition between Taipei and Beijing in the 1970s as part of its rapprochement towards China. However, informal relations have been maintained between the US and Taiwan.

READ MORE China says why Pelosi was sent to Taiwan by the US

Pelosi stated that her visit to the island was the first US official at her rank for 25 years. “democracy”For “authoritarian regimes.”Beijing claimed that it supported secessionism, and placed a variety of sanctions against Pelosi as well Taiwan.



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