Barbara Stokes of Huntsville, AL Is Really Making A Difference In The World

Making a difference is understandably important to many people. They want to know what they do has meaning. There are many ways to make a difference in the world. One way to make the world a better place is by donating to worthy causes. One person who knows this well and understands how best to harvest money and use it for good in the world is Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL. She is someone who really cares about what’s going on in her local community. She’s also someone who cares about the wider world beyond as well. This is why she has continued to be part of efforts that are all about making sure that money is used well in order to help people directly. Her activities have shown that she is a caring and thoughtful women who knows that she can be of service to all who seek her help. 

Habitat For Humanity

One well known charity that Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL has been involved in supporting is Habitat For Humanity. This organization is dedicated to providing help for all those who are in need of any form of shelter and helping organize efforts at directly providing it. Green Structure Homes of Alabama, one of the nation’s leading home builders, is one organization that is reaching to help under her leadership. They have given over a hundred thousand in help to this worthy charity. The have donated building materials that can be used to construct further homes for the poor. The Habitat For Humanity of Madison County is one of the area’s most involved and respected organizations in the region. Under their leadership, volunteers are directed and given the chance to help build new housing that can serve the needs of poor families for low cost shelter. 

Local Needs

While Hurricane Harvey missed this part of the nation, leading only to a frightening downpour, it helped highlight just how of an issue housing remains in this community. A significant percentage of members of the community face issues paying for housing. In fact, it is estimated that four in ten members of the community who earn incomes of $48,000 or less spend about fifty percent or even more of their income of housing. Under these conditions, it is understandable that organizations like Habitat For Humanity want to help fill in the gap and make housing more affordable for all residents. To this end, the volunteers here have helped by building more than two hundred houses. Many volunteers have found it to be a wonderful experience to work directly with the organization and learn how best to make a house that can immediately provide housing for those most in need. 

Delighted to Donate 

GSH was founded by the Stokes in order to help with many varied forms of disaster relief. Company officials are able to drawn on specific techniques that have been developed in-house in order to create homes that please buyers. These are homes that create spaces for families to love. At her company, she and those who work there and use their knowledge to enrich the community aim at every turn to make a great impact on the local community and make it a better place to live. To that end, they are able to offer a reduced rate on the materials that are used to build houses. Organization officials like Barbara Stokes of Huntsville, AL hope to continue this process of assistance to charities in the future. They hope to help build eight entirely new homes here for those families in need of shelter. 


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