Avoid Bail Bond Scams by Partnering With a Reputable Bail Bonds Firm

Getting to post bail after getting arrested for a crime is an excellent opportunity for a defendant. Once the person is out of jail, they can consult legal professionals to work on their defense. However, since the bail amounts are not less, most people cannot afford it, and hiring a bail bond agent is a wise option in such situations. 

The friends and family members of the accused can feel vulnerable during the whole bail and trial process. One needs to avoid falling for bail bond scams by keeping in mind the following key elements.

Opting for Discounts?

Generally, bail bonds are more affordable than posting the bail yourself. You will pay only a small fraction with a bail bondsman, maybe fifteen percent of the total bail amount. The bail bond dealer will pay in full, getting their money back if the defendant shows up for the court hearings. 

Although bail bonds are a less expensive alternative, some bail bond companies might offer you a discount. Cheap bail bonds sound like a great option, but you need to research the firm properly to avoid any future discrepancies. 

Deal with Licensed Agents

A bail bond agent needs a license to operate in the country and respective states. You can always ask if you can see their license to ensure their practice. However, if they get defensive or refuse, you should steer clear of such agents. A licensed, reputable, and experienced bail bonds firm, such as Castle Bail Bonds, can correctly guide you with all the court proceedings.

A Lot of Paperwork

Any legal transaction constitutes a lot of paperwork. Similarly, a bail bonds deal’s services include you filling out the paperwork before commencing with the process. They will need employment verification details, collateral and asset details, and other identity proofs. If there is no paperwork involved, one needs to get cautious.

Fraud Strategies

Become wary of the fraudulent tactics and do not fall prey to bail bonds scams. Fraudsters use cold calls, solicitations, and phone payments to lure people into believing them. If someone randomly calls you as a bail bonds agent and says your loved one got arrested, do not panic and do not share any necessary personal details. Enquire foremost with your loved ones before falling for such threats. You can call local lock-ups to enquire about the person.

Moreover, if a person is forced to send money over the phone without a physical meeting and sign a contract, they are most likely trying to fool you. Therefore, run a quick background check on them and assert a discussion instead of blindly trusting them.

Victim of Threatening Behavior?

If you get a call from someone stating that they are a bail bonds agency and exhibit abusive behavior to exploit money, you should assert your rights. Even if you have missed payments on the bond, they can still not threaten or use abusive behavior. Thus, you can follow the legal route if you think they fail to comply with the agreement.

Companies can exploit the vulnerability of the situation of the defendant. Therefore, it is crucial to always do a thorough background check on the bail bonds agent before partnering with them. 



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