Austria busts suspected Nazi stash (VIDEO) — RT World News

Dozens of guns, Nazi memorabilia, and around 1,200 kg of ammunition were discovered by Austria’s domestic security agency and counter-terrorism unit during a house raid on Tuesday.

It was discovered at the residence of a 53 year-old spa man 26km south from Vienna. He is believed to have far-right connections.

According to police, two machine guns and shotguns that were illegally his, as well assault and sniper rifles and pistols, along with pepper spray, tasers and melee weaponry, were taken from him. Numerous of the guns were loaded.

They were also accompanied by 1,200kgs of ammunition.

He also had a large collection of Nazi memorabilia including a helmet made of steel with a swastika, an image of General Erwin Rommel and medals.

The man and his spouse were placed under a provisional ban on guns while they waited for charges to be filed against them.

Investigators are looking for anyone that may have helped them to obtain these weapons.

Karl Nehammer (Austrian Interior Minister) praised the operation, saying that it was “a great success.” “consistent action against right-wing extremism isn’t only part of our historical responsibility, but also a clear advocacy of our democratic coexistence in Austria.” also available
Brazilian police discover $3.5mn trove of Nazi memorabilia at home of ‘insane psychopath’ suspected of child rape

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