Australian police seize Nazi flag near synagogue ahead of Kristallnacht anniversary — RT World News

After a Nazi flag was seen flying near a Brisbane synagogue, the mayor of Brisbane has demanded a ban of Nazi symbols. This happened just days before the 70th anniversary of Nazi-era Kristallnacht.

From a nearby UniLodge student housing compound, the Nazi flag was flown. Jason Steinberg from the Queensland Jewish Board Deputies said that synagogue goers saw the Nazi flag on Saturday morning. 

Police arrived and removed the flag. A local man aged 45 was also charged with public nuisance. 

Steinberg stated that it was “shocking”To see the Nazi symbol in public, just days after November 9th when Jews recall the Kristallnacht victims. This is the day that a wave state-sanctioned pogroms started in Germany and Austria in 1938. “That flag is a symbol of pure hate,”Steinberg spoke. 

Dvir Abramovicich, chairman of Anti-Defamation Commission said that it was very similar to “plunging a knife in the heart of Holocaust survivors.”

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor, called for “vile flag”Queensland has banned it. “Under the current inadequate laws, this is likely to be classified as nothing more than a low-level ‘public nuisance’. Not good enough!”He tweet. 

Victoria was the first Australian state last month to ban public displays of the swastika due to rising Nazi activity. The state was forced to intensify its efforts against Nazi symbols last year, after an adornment of the flag bearing the swastika flew over a rural house. also available
‘Nazis’ allegedly supporting Republican candidate with Tiki-torches revealed to be a false-flag stunt by Lincoln Project

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