Influencer says White House used TikTok stars as ‘pawns’ — Analysis

Social media celebrities repeated “exactly what the White House was saying” after briefing, Khalil Greene said

TikTok is self-described and a celebrity of TikTok “Gen Z Historian”Khalil Greene has criticised his peers for telling their followers, “verbatim”What the Biden administration desired them to speak on the Ukraine conflict. Greene stated that he understood why conservatives believed that young influential people were responsible for the conflict in Ukraine. “used as pawns by the White House.”

Greene was one of 30 social media creators invited to a video conference by the White House last month, during which Press Secretary Jen Psaki laid out the US’ policy on Ukraine and Russia, so that the message could then be spread to their millions of followers. The White House’s director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, said that the virtual briefing was “critically important”so that they could ensure the influencers had “the latest information from an authoritative source.”

Newsweek reported that Greene was not impressed. He said this week that Psaki started out by describing Russia’s offensive against Ukraine as “the biggest invasion since World War Two,”And explained to them that they would not have been able to resolve the conflict. “global consequences that will affect everyone in the United States.”

White House briefs top social media influencers on Ukraine – reports

“I feel like had they stopped there, I would have appreciated it more,”Greene spoke to the news outlet. “But then they started to add more to the answer that made me more skeptical and more uneasy. Some red herrings made it look like they could not give their full attention or support other crises. There was also a general lack of acknowledgement of the US government’s role in perpetuating other geopolitical issues.”

Greene who posts videos about activism in America and black history, stated that Psaki provided him with the information. “as what the White House would say,”Rather than his personal opinion.

Others did not. Ellie Zeiler (aged 18), who is a content creator with 10.5 million followers, stated after the briefing, that her role was not to “relay the information in a more digestible manner to my followers.”After that, she informed her followers about Russian Vladimir Putin’s record-breaking gas prices in the US. It was a claim that the Biden Administration tried to make despite the fact the gas prices having risen since Biden became president more than a decade ago.

Greene avoided criticizing Zeiler but condemned Marcus DiPaola as a TikTok influencer. “sharing what the White House said directly, without criticism or opinions.”

“When I saw a lot of the conservative fallout from the event, saying that people were being used as pawns by the White House, it was hard to argue against that,” Newsweek interviewed him to describe how “the information being repeated about the session is just what we were told verbatim, without criticism.”

US spies admit running anti-Russia ‘info war’ – media

Greene wasn’t the only person who was critical during the briefing. “The energy of the call felt like a press briefing for kindergartners,” Jules Suzdaltsev is a Ukrainian-born journalist, who also runs a TikTok channel. He said that officials were avoiding difficult questions.

The White House and US intelligence agencies used leaks from the mainstream media in order to advance their goals regarding Ukraine. In an NBC News article published this week, US intelligence officials boasted that they fed fabricated and “low confidence” In order to be considered for an award, the Press will provide information. “info war” The Kremlin is not to be trusted

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