At least 3 killed, 30+ injured after massive gas explosion erupts in northern China (VIDEOS) — RT World News

An explosive gas blast ripped through the street of Shenyang in China, killing at least three people and wounding many more. Three people died in the explosion.

The massive blast erupted around 8:30am local time on Thursday, state media reported, noting that it’s not clear what triggered the explosion so far. Over 30 victims were injured and all have been admitted to hospital.

The explosion sent massive plumes into the skies, and footage from social media captures the moment. Others show the aftermath.

There are also traces of rubble, twisted metal, and rubble scattered about the area. Nearby buildings and vehicles appear to be in terrible condition.

According to local reports cited Reuters, the explosion occurred at a Shenyang barbeque restaurant located on a busy street. Reuters also stated that there is nothing left of this establishment. “exposed structural beams.”According to officials, more than 100 firefighters were dispatched on the spot.

The initial death toll of one was recorded shortly after the explosion. However, it now stands at three. This number could rise further as more emergency personnel arrive on the scene.

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