Archaeology is under attack by wokeness

Academics have declared that it is not possible to identify the sex of ancient bones. It will end in scientific disaster if they get their way

Anatomists are able to tell much from human bones. Even when any characteristics that could indicate a person’s biological makeup are long gone, those with years of education and experience can paint a relatively vivid picture of the deceased.

One of the first observations scientists make when studying exhumed human remains is the sex of the subject, and, by extension, their gender – a key factor in figuring out what kind of life he or she may have led.

With the recent push of the social justice brigade to inject their ideology into every scientific field – which includes mathematics, physics, and even rewriting history to suit their agenda – the latest fields to come under attack are archaeology and anthropology.

In a Twitter thread that garnered close to 60,000 likes, Canadian master’s degree candidate Emma Palladino took issue with the offensive, yet not scientifically inaccurate, memes which depict the life of a transgender person whose bones are exhumed a thousand years later by archaeologists, and subsequently misgendered – or rather, identified as their biological sex rather than their gender identity.

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Scientists are urged to remove gender from human remains

According to the academic, the original idea of the meme was “bulls**t,”And went into a long argument about how “gender + queer archaeologists and scholars have been working for decades to unpack assumptions that archaeologists make about gender and identity, both today and in the past.”Palladino claims that archaeologists should be considered as experts. “acutely aware of how culturally and spatially relative”These concepts include identity, gender, and sex.

Following a backlash from the public, she closed her account.

Despite what progressive scholars like Palladino might say about the difference between sex and gender, and how it’s made up of a whole spectrum that scientists have yet to unpack, the scientific assumptions and inferences that archaeologists and anthropologists make are not governed by the ideas of white, male, or cisgender supremacy, unlike what social justice ideologists would like the world to believe. 

Palladino isn’t the only one pushing for gender ideology to be codified in archaeology or anthropology. Palladino is not the only one who has supported the Trans Doe Task Force, a coalition of archaeologists/anthropologists. 

The group wants to bar anthropologists from identifying remains as male or female, claiming that existing standards of forensic human identification are a disservice to people who do not fit within the ‘gender binary’. Anyone who exists outside of this so-called binary will be misgendered both by forensic archaeologists or anthropologists.

In the group’s mission statement, it proposes a “gender-expansive approach” to identifying human remains by looking for contextual clues such as clothing “culturally coded to a gender other than their assigned sex.”

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Excavation team members lifting a mammoth tusk © DigVentures
‘Mammoth graveyard’ containing rare skeletons discovered

The acceptance of social justice standards over basic biology may open up science to new assumptions. This could potentially lead to scientific loss and make it difficult to validate the views of first-world activists in 21st century. Some scientists refuse to take the issue sitting down and are fighting back against the ‘wokification’ of their fields.

Elizabeth Weiss from San Jose State Archaeology, who described eliminating gender categories as “utterly unacceptable”, is one example of such an academic. “ideologically-motivated fudging.”

Weiss, in an interview with College Fix, explains that transgenderism is on the rise in Western society. “social and not biological” trend. Statistics show that most young transgender people come out in peer groups, not as individuals with gender dysphoria. “Retroactively de-sexing obscures this obvious fact,” Weiss says.

And that’s not the only problem. According to the archaeologist, biological sex can be applied to human remains to help dispel negative myths regarding women.

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FILE PHOTO: Prehistoric stone tools found at a site in Gona, Ethiopia, in 1997.
What was the original human home? Archaeologists discover traces of 1.8 million-year-old stone tools in African ‘Miracle’ cave

The mistake, she said, created false stereotypes that women simply didn’t work as hard as men.  These false stereotypes were erased and corrected by decades of scientific research to find out which traits are determined by sex. Indeed, the policy of erasing all this progress in the name of wokeness is a step backward for both science and women’s rights.

Weiss also noted that forensic investigators can identify skeletal remains through their sex to perform criminal investigations and find serial killer victims. This helps them provide justice for their loved ones.

Due to her outspoken stance, her own school has locked her out of its human remains collection – she believes it was an act of retribution against her opposition to the repatriation of human remains.

Archaeology isn’t the only area where gender ideology is being promoted. Critical Race Theory is another group trying to push its agenda into these fields. They demand that scientists cease classifying remains based on race. The people behind the push claim that “ancestry estimation contributes to white supremacy.” What isn’t white supremacist these days?

If the woke mob gets what it wants, anthropology and archaeology could end up with about as much value as astrology – or any of the host of modern-day ‘sciences’ that are so driven by ideology that they leave no room for the pursuit of truth.



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