Apple employees urged to stage walkout on Christmas Eve — Analysis

The group fighting for Apple workers’ rights has called for Apple customers not to shop for Apple products Christmas Eve.

Apple Together was a group composed of insider organizers who claimed that workers have a demand for Apple Together. “a respectful workplace,”Paid sick leaves “proper mental healthcare,”Better protection in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

They urged people not to shop for Apple products during Christmas Eve. “Demand that Apple upholds its image with your wallet. Don’t shop in stores. Don’t shop online,”Apple Together stated in a Twitter statement.

Unknown is the number of workers who will be participating in this walkout. According to, while some corporate employees will be off on Christmas Eve and during the Christmas weekend, many of the company’s retail workers are scheduled to work.

The Verge reports that around 80 employees sent a letter in June to Apple CEO Tim Cook requesting more workers to be allowed to work remotely and not have to go back to their office.  

Apple employees set up a site in August for sharing stories of harassment and discrimination. The company’s “culture of secrecy creates an opaque, intimidating fortress,”The website stated.

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