‘Antifa’ rioters attack cops at march against ‘state violence’ (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Black-clad ‘Antifa’ rioters in France attacked police officers with fists, projectiles and metal barriers, at a Paris protest they claimed was “against state violence and the extreme right.”

Wearing black and concealing their faces with masks and neckerchiefs, crowds of left-wing ‘Antifa’ protesters turned out in Paris, France, on Saturday, in what they saidIt was an event “against state violence and the extreme right.”

The demonstrators clashed with the police force that was there to enforce order, and soon there were riots. Although it is unclear which side was responsible for the violence, a video posted by a police officer to Twitter shows left-wingers throwing projectiles at cops before going on to grab metal crowd control barriers and attack officers. According to the officer who posted the video, the “thugs in black”Had struck first.

A self-described videographer also shot another video “independent journalist”A small number of officers were shown being “taken to task”The rioters tore down the fencing and then used it as a weapon against the withdrawing officers.

Video footage from the earlier part of the afternoon shows protesters erecting barricades, setting off flares and dismantling them. This apparently marks the moment when the demonstration became violent. Tear gas was fired into the crowd by police responding to their call. Unknown is how many were taken into police custody, if any.

Similar scenes were witnessed in Marseille Friday where Antifa demonstrated against Eric Zemmour’s arrival, who was a right-wing commentator, and is most likely to be the presidential candidate. Zemmour has described Marseille as “a city submerged by immigration and partly Islamized.”

Saturday’s protest played out against the backdrop of wider demonstrations against the government’s Covid-19 restrictions and the strict French health pass system – which will require all adults to have received vaccine booster doses by mid-January to enter bars and restaurants and to use public transportation. Face masks became mandatory on Friday for all indoor settings regardless of the wearer’s vaccination status, and are required even in outdoor Christmas markets.

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