Anti-lockdown protest results in violence — Analysis

Protestors against Covid and the police in Germany leave at least 10 people with injuries

Greiz in Germany saw a demonstration against state and local laws in protest of the coronavirus spread. It was ended by violent clashes and several injuries.

According to local media, around 400 demonstrators took to the streets in Greiz, Thuringia (German state), Saturday evening.

The police responded to protesters marching through the city.

According to Tagesschau, batons and pepper spray were used. 

WATCH: Police descend upon a large party to protest the Covid-19 Rules

Both sides sustained at least 10 injuries in the clashes. Four police officers and six demonstrators were also hurt.

Greiz protest was one of several major rallies held in Thuringia. More than 1000 people marched in various cities on the first day. Police said that the demonstrations against anticovid laws were illegal and most protesters weren’t wearing masks.

Minimum 20 criminal cases have been filed, which includes allegations of resistance to law enforcement. 

In another German region, violence similar to the one in September took place last month. The European country had to impose new restrictions before winter celebrations. The European country banned large public gatherings including those outdoors. Additionally, there was a limit for private parties. Only 10 people vaccinated or the recovering were allowed to get together. In late December, the country’s leading ethics body, the Ethics Council, said it supported the idea of mandatory vaccination for all adults.

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