Another video surfaces of partying Finnish PM — Analysis

After footage of Sanna Marin’s night out was posted online, Sanna Marin denied that she did anything wrong.

Finnish tabloids reported on Friday that a new video of the country’s partying prime minister, Sanna Marin, had surfaced online.

You can find the footageIn the photo, you can see her dancing in a club together with Olavi Uusivirta (a rock singer). A couple of 36-years-old leaders raised questions about whether the meeting was appropriate. Uusivirta has a divorce.

A number of video clips showing Marin, along with other Finnish public figures, having fun in a Helsinki apartment and club in Helsinki emerged earlier in the week.

Some were outraged by the shouts in the background. The revelers claimed that they were a party of alcoholics. “flour gang.” “Flour”Finnish slang can mean cocaine. MP Mikko Karana suggests that Marin take a drug screening to confirm any rumors of drug abuse.

Finnish Prime Minister responds to allegations of drug abuse

Speaking out about the videos, she said that her use of illegal substances was not something she used. She expressed regret that videos she intended to keep private were released for all to see.

The woman announced Friday she had completed a drug screen and that the results will be released next week.

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