Another EU state to ban unvaccinated from indoor spaces — Analysis

Greece will soon prohibit unvaccinated residents from entering a litany of public spaces, the country’s prime minister has announced, claiming its current Covid outbreak is largely fueled by those who haven’t received the jab.

Unvaccinated persons will be prohibited from entering restaurants, cafes bars, theatres, bars and gyms next week.

“This is indeed a pandemic of the unvaccinated,”He said this as he made the announcement in a live televised speech. “Greece is mourning unnecessary losses because it simply does not have the vaccination rates of other European countries.”

New rules will take effect Monday and require that Greeks present their vaccine certificates to indoor businesses to allow them inside. Religious attendees will be able to go inside, but they won’t need to submit a negative result.

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Austria may lock down the vaccinated too

In a bid to encourage booster vaccinations among the elderly – a population much more vulnerable to Covid-19 – citizens over the age of 60 will be made to renew their certificate after a period of seven months.

While officials had hoped to hit a full vaccination figure of 70% for Greece’s population of 11 million by autumn, the number currently stands at about 62%, according to Reuters. The country’s weekly cases continue to rise to new records. On Thursday it reported 7 317 new Covid-19 infection and 63 deaths, making the total to over 860,000 and 17,000 deaths since late 2019 when the pandemic began.

Similar policies have been implemented in Europe with similar restrictions being imposed in Greece. Although the Austrian government has recently placed a lockdown on millions of people who still haven’t received their shot, officials from that country want even more severe policies. This includes a stay-at home order for both jabbed- and non-jabbed citizens.

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