Another EU country mulling three-week Covid lockdown — Analysis

Slovakia’s government is actively considering a potential full lockdown to stem the rise of fresh Covid-19 infections, similar to the one introduced in neighboring Austria, Prime Minister Eduard Heger’s office said on Monday.

Heger claimed that his office was “intensively”A three-week lockdown has been suggested by the Health Ministry. He said that experts would be crucial to any decisions made in the next days.

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Austrian chancellor apologizes to vaccinated over ‘drastic’ lockdown

Heger stated earlier Monday that he supported mandatory vaccinations for those over 50 but said that he would be following the advice of professionals. “I am convinced today that there is no other way than vaccines if we do not want to have repeated waves and lockdowns,” He said.

“This devours the economy, people’s health and people’s lives. If we don’t want to experience this agony for years, we clearly need to be protected by the vaccine.” 

Slovakia has already banned unvaccinated people from bars and pubs and ordered restaurants to suspend all in-house meal services as part of a set of measures agreed last week.

Around 45% are vaccinated in Slovakia, which is among the lowest levels of vaccinations across Europe.

Neighboring Austria entered a 10-day national lockdown affecting all citizens on Monday as cases of the virus soared, with Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg apologizing to vaccinated citizens for taking the “drastic step.” Angela Merkel, Germany’s Angela Merkel said that the current Covid-19 policies were inadequate and warned Germany that Germany faced a “very serious” challenge.Highly dramatic situation Winter was approaching.

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