America’s demonization project against me is complete — Analysis

I’ve been vilified, hounded and denounced for nearly three years since making my sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden. Will I stop talking? No!

The irony that you can be politically correct while demeaning someone in America’s cancel culture is well-known. Cancel culture has taken over the world. Three years ago I spoke out about an elite politician, now the President of the United States. I was called a lie, a whore, slut and accused of treason. The media have made public my personal details and the clothes I was wearing when I was assaulted. 

These ‘journalists’ kept looking under my bed for Russians and, when they found none, they made it up. Since I had spoken positively about Russia, it has been labeled a traitor. A picture of a mass burial was sent to me by someone who said I should go there. Some asked me when I’d commit suicide. Others taunted me by threatening to kill me or my pets. Just words, only words (some too vile to repeat here), except when the attacks came into my real life and destroyed it, my work, my reputation, my security – then those words became like daggers. 

The celebrities and prominent journalists going after me don’t cease in their campaign against me, so incensed are they that I refuse to be silent. Edward Dovere (a CNN Senior Reporter) sends these tweets almost daily: 

You will receive death threats, nasty emails and threatening messages. A CNN journalist is allowed to pursue a US citizen because he or she supports peace. You are telling the truth.

His organization won’t take any action against him and neither will the establishment politicians. This is just how it works. America’s demonization of me is complete. They will silence me, humiliate and vilify my voice, in order to make Joe Biden’s words seem hollow. 

This villainization by the media and social media has happened to many others too, of course – female sexual assault victims like Rose McGowan and Juanita Broaddrick. But it also happens to those who don’t toe the correct line, or who expose America’s crimes, like Joe Rogan and Julian Assange. The list of the canceled in today’s America is becoming vast. 

These online witch-burnings can have real-world effects. In the spring 2020, as I was returning from work, I was driving along a rural road in California.  A SUV began to follow me and then began pushing my car in the back. It was a road rage driver, so I stopped and tried to evade it. 

My phone had died. My phone was dead. I cursed at myself for having not charged it. With bright headlights on, the SUV continued to speed around me. A few minutes later, it was back, only this time, it was in my lane – the wrong lane – speeding towards me. In an effort to not panic I moved to the edge my lane but it was in a ravine just off the road side. I moved to the right lane. It moved along with me so I turned back and it again followed my movements with precision. In the last seconds before we smashed head-on, it swept around me so close that, with my window open, I could see the vehicles’ mirrors almost clash. The car accelerated. I found a spot to pull over, and collected myself. 

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Shortly after, an email threatened me. This email was sent to an invalid website and the fake email address it contained was false. It was reported to authorities but it was not investigated. It is not clear if these two incidents were related. This was a deliberate attempt to harm my life by an attacker or simply a chance meeting with a psychostranger. My life was further threatened via telephone and social media. I also received threats regarding my daughter’s safety, including hacking into my email account and other threats. I left the state. 

This is not to gain sympathy. Since the age 16 I’ve had an exciting life, which included modeling for years and many years as an actor. My political career was full of interesting experiences, even though I had negative experiences with Biden. It is important to remember that before I became a demonized person, I had experienced a lot. After being beaten to death and almost strangled by my ex-partner, I became a champion for other people. 

After training with the Seattle Police for victim support, I was certified by US Homeland Security as a domestic violence trainer and later as an expert witness.  I did dangerous work that put me in harm’s way. Safety planning was something I learnt. I also learned to hide. This is to stress that I was trained and equipped to handle dangerous, difficult situations such as the one I’m currently in. Can you imagine a weak survivor with none of these abilities or my resilience?

The media cycle is vicious, even though I underestimated it. The vitriol that was directed towards me revealed to me that these tactics were used to silence my testimony about the abuses Joe Biden had done to me as his Senate staffer. His connections and resources were the source of his sustained attacks, which I am certain. It has been a brutal political machine that I’ve fought. I am able to stand up on the solid shoulders of brave women, such as Rose McGowan, Juanita, and Juanita.  

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To be able to speak the truth without being influenced by others, I realized I needed a structure psychological that could protect me. After I made my public statement, many people told me that this was what would happen. Rose McGowan and Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelley, among others, warned me of the coordinated attacks and crazies that would hound those at the heart of any public discussion.  

Rose experienced everything that I went through, and even more. Slowly I created a support network around me to help me deal with this journey. While I felt inconvenient and unimportant, it was clear that I was also politically expendable. I’m just an average, normal citizen with limited resources. I learned how to confront my fears and overcome them. However, the demonization of me was only effective up to a point. So I challenged it. 

Whistleblowers or those with an opposing view from the elites find it difficult to report on America’s current state of affairs. Both parties are using sexual misconduct claims to their advantage, so it’s important to keep calling out hypocrisy in the American ruling classes. 

As a young Senate staffer I felt that democracy was over when an individual who respected me refused to answer my questions and took my body, without my permission. He then took my life and destroyed it because he could. In that moment, a determination ignited in me to continue fighting for the truth and the rights of women – the war is not nearly over.

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