Alex Jones’ InfoWars in another bankruptcy filing — Analysis

The parent company of Jones’ controversial news site may be looking to limit a massive defamation payout

InfoWars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems LLC filed for bankruptcy. InfoWars host Alex Jones used the same filings during the ongoing defamation proceedings brought to him by the families of Sandy Hook victims.

Reuters published the Friday filing. It noted that Free Speech Systems asked the bankruptcy judge to not request that the Sandy Hook defamation trial is paused. On Tuesday, Jones’ families asked for $150 million in damages. This figure is most likely to be reduced by the bankruptcy filing.

Jones stated that Sandy Hook Elementary School’s shooting at Newtown in 2012 was staged to force stricter gun control laws. Jones is being sued by the families of 26 victims in separate cases for defamation. The first in Connecticut, the other in Texas. If the jury returns their verdict, the second could cost him $150 million.

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InfoWars filed bankruptcy with two of its subsidiaries: PrisonPlanet TV, Infowars Healthcare, in April. They proposed a $10 million settlement to the plaintiffs. Although the settlement was not accepted, InfoWars Health & Prison Planet TV were able to drop their bankruptcy cases once the defamation case had been removed from bankruptcy proceedings. 

Jones was already liable for the defamation lawsuits. He was also banned from Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Apple Podcasts within a matter of one month. 

Jones was one of the first major public figures to be ‘deplatformed’ in this manner, a practice that has become more commonplace since and even affected former President Donald Trump in 2021.

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