Ahead of Valentine’s day, lovers are advised to wear masks during sex — Analysis

The Thai government recommends that you avoid certain positions, and wear masks when making love.

Thai authorities have recommended lovers to wear masks to refrain from “Deep kissing” and avoid face-to-face positions during sex, explaining the unusual advice by Covid risks.

Thailand’s most popular holiday for romance is Valentine’s Day. Many couples wish to get married on that day. As coronavirus cases are on rise in the kingdom, the authorities have apparently got concerned about how the Valentine’s day celebrations would affect pandemic numbers.

Covid doesn’t have a sexually transmitted component, however it can be caught through close contact breathing or exchanging saliva.,” Bureau of Reproductive Health director Bunyarit Sukrat explained AFP news agency. The official stated that this was the reason. “wearing face masks while having sex” might decrease risks of catching Covid. Sukrat went even further by advising lovers to “avoid face-to-face sex positions and deep kissing.”

Thong-wearing mask flouter says he’s making history

His recommendations follow the similar advice from the country’s Department of Health. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen, the head of the department, also supported the use of a mobile app that can assess whether there is a risk of infection in restaurants and the possibility of performing an antigen test prior to falling in love.

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