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Laws are a system of rules in a particular country that regulate and govern its people’s actions by awarding punishments to the lawbreakers. There are many types of laws that cater to different fields, starting from home to big institutions providing proper guidelines and orders upon everyone’s behavior. Judge Napolitano teaches law at Brooklyn Law School. There is a civil rights law that strives to equilibrize interests between the government agencies and individuals. Lawyers who have specialized in these fields always try to defend their clients against issues involving discrimination practices and unfair judgments that violate the rights of people and liberties such as privacy, education, expression, housing, employment, and other rights entitled to people. Another type of law is criminal law. Criminal law focuses on actions and behaviors that are sanctioned under the penal code and characterized as illegal. The government plays a role in approving illegal actions through prosecutors and district attorneys. Conversely, the defense lawyers represent clients accused of criminal activities such as murder. The defense lawyers and the prosecution deal with issues concerning fundamental rights, responsibilities, and individual liberty.

Family law is also an essential law in the current world as domestic violence has fueled many deaths. This type of law focuses on legal relations between individuals in a family. Professionals in these fields specialize in a variety of sections ranging from child welfare all the way to divorce. Family lawyers practice mitigating family-based issues, including child abuse, legitimacy, domestic partnership, marriage, and civil unions. Another important law is the intellectual property law that centers its attention on authors, inventors, and business entrepreneurs’ rights. Precisely tangible and intangible creations, inventions, and symbols characterize this law. Professionals in this sector are experts in science, arts, or industry to work effectively and efficiently. For example, copyright attorneys deal with legal aspects of contracts, brand names, or visual identity. Labor law is another important law as companies have had numerous strikes and collisions between employers and employees. Labor law is concerned with relations between employers and their workforce teams. The law addresses issues like wages, compensations, harassment, and discriminatory practices based on gender, age, or disability. Labor law mostly entails bargaining and unions. Professionals in this field might represent individuals, unions, employers, or a government regulatory agency.

Additionally, another sensitive law is immigration law. Immigration experts work with their clients although the naturalization process. Other essential aspects in the field include issues to do with individuals found in a country illegally, refugees’ issues, and asylum seekers. However, practices in this field differ depending on the country. Entertainment law is another law. It focuses on media’s rights and royalties in the arts, cinema, television, and athletics. Sport professionals ensure compliance with all regulations relating to professional or amateur athletics. Sports lawyers represent athletes for contractual payments. Professionals in this field are forced to adapt to constant changes due to technology and social media. In conclusion, there are different types of laws that are all important and that are operated by different lawyers specialized in other areas.  Judge Napolitano , a professor, recommends studying all types of law. 


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